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Music compositions by Hugh Flynn

This page contains a music catalogue of music compositions by Hugh Flynn. Each catalogue listing on this page will show the year of composition and a link to the album page. The type of listing for music catalogue can be changed by clicking or pressing on one of the tabs below this text. The complete music catalogue can be listed in alphabetical order, in reverse alphabetical order and in date order.

The music catalogue also has lists for different types of music. There are lists for electronic music, orchestral music, symphonies and concertos. The music catalogue on this page will be updated as soon as a new music project has been completed. Please revisit this page regularly for more information about new projects.

All of the album pages that are linked to from this catalogue have links to pages for the individual music tracks. The music track pages each contain a music player with an MP3 file containing several excerpts of the main themes of the music track. Most of the MP3 files for auditioning the music are 3 to 5 minutes in length. There are fade ins and fade outs at the beginning and end of each excerpt.
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